the kawaii life chose me

IMG_5049.JPGプリクラ (purikura)

You must’ve heard of these rainbow sparkle Japanese photo booths that erase all blemishes, print onto sticker paper, and make you and all your friends look like adorable baby aliens. The final embellishment after your designated exposures (in which they advise you on what かわいい kawaii poses to hold), utilizes a touch screen wand to decorate your images with small animals, hearts, and airbrush makeup. Some even allow you to be temporarily blue-eyed and purple-tressed. I love souvenirs that are both a physical experience and conjure a specific memory, so I have these strewn about my desk at work of puris with friends who have visited Tokyo (including Dimitri, my former roommate in Oakland pictured here). Whenever I am feeling a bit tired or overworked, I take a quick glance and they remind me of moments of freedom and silliness with cherished people, and then it all doesn’t seem so bad… ❤

This was after dinner for my mama’s last night in Tokyo (for now), where she raved about all the dishes we had at an izakaya called Shirube. She is not easily impressed by food, so I was glad we could please her one more time. I miss her already.

Location: Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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