domo arigato

Monday morning mood after a long holiday weekend…

The fluorescent lights in my office coupled with all the screen time makes for mad baby panda squints (who are blind from birth until 3 weeks). I can’t complain though, as I was able to fully relax and enjoy my time away from Tokyo the past few days, which I will share later on.

For now, enjoy this psychedelic photo short from the Robot Restaurant show which I finally went to last week after more than a year of living in Tokyo, mostly because an out of town friend grabbed tickets. 4/10 would recommend…For ¥8000 (¥500 discount if you book ahead online), it’s pretty low value for money, especially because there are two separate intermissions, and every single visitor is a foreigner. I am not sure what makes it a ‘quintessential’ Japanese experience as some have described it… Perhaps the inherent glee and sense of showmanship? The use of taiko drums? The completely screwball and incomprehensible robo-battle plots? I absolutely had fun; it’s a festive environment that allows you to be silly and laugh, but I wouldn’t urge anyone to go if they were visiting Tokyo for the first time.

xo your friend, mr. roboto

img_3238img_3248img_3257img_3251img_3271IMG_3260.JPGimg_3284Location: ロボットレストラン
Robot Restaurant, 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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