late night when you need my love

IMG_2250 (1).JPGfeat. Kelly-chan with cameos by Narumi-chan & CARAMEL CORN

We had yakiniku (grilled meat / a concept borrowed from Korean BBQ) for dinner with friends on the autumnal equinox holiday last week and then I lured her back to my place. She wasn’t feeling well so I made her some tea and made her comfortable in my bed. I lit a candle and dimmed the lights. That’s when I whipped out my camera and got these shots that I love of her. Kelly, my tokyo boo ❤

Narumi is one of my new apartment-mates and she is adorable and very sweet. I'm really happy our living situation has brought us together 🙂

(Still trying to figure out lighting/settings on this camera contraption and post-editing so bear with me. If you know of any good free software, holler at me!)


img_2232img_2232img_2260ALSO I am head over heels obsessed with caramel corn. They’re like cheeto puffs but covered in caramel; and like cracker jack, there are peanuts at the bottom. Best of all they’re 100 yen (roughly a dollar) at the 24 hour Lawson’s next to my apartment. Once I open a bag I can never leave them unattended…they get lonely without my gentle caress. I’m probably up to 3-4 bags a week. Choose your vices carefully people…

Location: Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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