allow me to dedicate a post to one of the most cherished things in life: friendship
and more specifically, reanimated, rediscovered, revived friendships of youth

Rainey was one of my very best friends growing up in Salt Lake City but we went to opposite ends of the country for college and I rarely went back to Utah after high school graduation because my family moved to California. Growing up and moving out, we lost touch for several years.

When I was in middle/high school I was only allowed to hang out with my friends on long weekends (3 days or more), so whenever we had a day off from school for labor day, veterans day, memorial day, etc. I could have one full day to do whatever I wanted. As you can imagine, they were cherished days that I planned in advance and made sure to leave the house early in order to take full advantage of the day and also make my 10 pm tiger-brother-imposed curfew. I usually spent these days at Rainey’s house; watching movies, using her rad panini press, walking around the Avenues, and when we turned 16, cruising around in her mini cooper. The first time I ever wore a bikini was at Rainey’s swimming pool. The first paying job I ever had was at her dad’s law firm. The first time I kissed a boy she was one of the first people I told. She was the loyal, supportive kind of friend you want in your corner during the tumult and confusion of adolescence.

After all these years, we reconnected in July by traveling to Cambodia together, getting bamboozled in Hong Kong, and hiking to the very top of Mt Fuji. Sometimes you find that the people you bonded with as a teenager no longer share the same interests, or that one aspect of their personality so nascent in youth has become more pronounced and less compatible with your own. I am pleased as punch to say that the opposite is true with us. It feels like time has only made us more aware and confident versions of our awkward pubescent selves. I admire her flexibility, mamabear preparedness, and curiosity for the world. I learn new things when I talk to her. I trust her with my secrets. I know that part of being an adult means learning to allow people to come in and out of your life and cherishing the moments you have together. I am very grateful that Rainey came back into mine with such vigor this July. It feels good to know that a decision you made as a 12 year old about who to spend your time with maintains its truth over a decade later.

Thank you for cuddling in my twin bed with me, braving hours of temple viewing in the harsh sun, South East Asian food poisoning, and that trek up the tallest mountain in Japan. Love you booboo ❤

dim sum at Din Tai Fung in Hong Kong

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia // Hong Kong // Tokyo, Japan

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